Redmond Remodel

Redmond, WA


A complete gut and renovation plus small addition to this family’s kitchen, den, and mud room resulted in a much roomier, updated, bright and airy space. Their favorite room to be in became an even cozier space to spend their days. Removing an old brick chimney-wall allowed the space to get longer, while the addition widened the space. A breakfast nook was added, along with a small powder room and mud room hiding behind the media wall. French doors open up to the patio, making a seamless transition from indoor to outdoor for entertaining.

Yu & Trochalakis, PLLC – Structural

Froloff Finishing – Wood Finish Detailing

Cooper Point Contracting, LLC

Photos by David Cho Photography


“My husband and I hired KSI to remodel our kitchen/tv area/mudroom.  From day 1, it was a very easy, enjoyable experience.  I highly recommend using this firm for your project. (Another experience I had 14 years ago with an architect was difficult.) KSI’s team came to our house and listened very closely to both of us.  Their follow up from our first visit was extremely detailed.  I felt very comfortable and confident with what they heard from us.  They gave us 4 different layouts to remodel our kitchen/TV room.  We took a little from each layout and ended up with the most wonderful room that we both love.  They designed the room with our back patio and back yard in mind.  It incorporates all that we love about our house.  We wanted to choose most of our finishes, but when we got stuck, they stepped in and had very creative ideas that we did choose to do.  They helped us with some cabinet design work that just made the room perfect.  Again, I strongly recommend this firm.  You will be very glad you chose them.”