Commercial Architecture

Commercial Architecture is a broad category that includes the design of office buildings, financial towers, retail shops, restaurants, bars, and visitor centers. As more businesses embrace environmentally friendly approaches, green roofs and sustainable wall systems push boundaries in building design to create healthy indoor environments for workers without sacrificing aesthetics or compromising functionality.

Strouse Davis combines construction, design, and engineering with the intention of creating a space where businesses can thrive. The modern-day commercial architect traverses between big business and small business, utilizing their knowledge base to help shape interiors within both realms.

Our goal is always to create aesthetically beautiful designs that are pleasing to you while also maximizing the potential of a building’s profitability. We aim to create office spaces with ergonomic furniture for maximum productivity, design pubs or bars with blueprints for special equipment specifically for cocktails, and design restaurants with effective layouts and clear visibility of your ideal design.

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