Strouse House

Kirkland, WA


The architect’s house, originally a builder house constructed in 1958 as a basic box, three major additions and renovations and numerous smaller ones have been implemented to create a beautiful living space. Our goal: maximize day light; create a strong indoor-outdoor connection; increase usable outdoor deck area; open house up and develop a passive summer cooling system appropriate for the climate; maximize view; minimize roadway sound; extend the life of the house to the maximum; create a beautiful landscape for the house to age with; and turn the house into something unique and very livable.

Ecotope – Energy Consultant

John D Griffin Engineers – Structural

Mike Yantis (now Sparling) – Acoustical

CONTRACTORS: William Strouse; Duane HagartyBuchanan General Contracting CompanyBuehrer Construction Services LLC; Ted Stein; Hansen Electric Inc.; Bill Metzel metals

Photos by David Cho Photography