Sammamish Custom Home

Sammamish, WA


A 1.67 acre site with numerous environmental challenges came together with a family who had the determination to correctly work the system resulting in a beautiful new home. The owners participated in all phases of the design process and are now working on the final touches of landscaping and turning their new house into a home.

Yu & Trochalakis, PLLC – Structural Engineering

Watershed Environmental – Landscaping

PACE – Civil Engineering

John Jack Construction, Inc.

Photos by Sara Davis


“Any architect can design a house for you.  But if you want to build your dream home, you need an excellent architect firm.  I am really lucky that I hired KSI back in 2011.

KSI took time to talk to my wife, my daughters and me to understand what we like and what we dislike before they started their design work.  They visited the building site several times to find out the best location and best orientation of the house, to see if all the windows and doors are properly located, and to care for many other details (sun light, shade, view, wind, rain, privacy, etc.).  They helped us overcome many environmental restrictions because our building site is at an environmental-sensitive area.  They were budget-sensitive knowing that we had a  limited budget.  They communicated with the builder frequently to make sure that the house was built as what we want (yes, there were lots of design changes).  They were so detail-oriented that even a picky person like me could not complain about their work.  All my neighbors and friends like our house.  My family and I love our new home.

Well, there is one thing that my daughters might complain about- the house is so comfortable that my wife and I do not want to travel now.

If you are looking for a cheap architect to design a house, KSI is not your choice.  If you want to build your dream home, I highly recommend that you talk to this firm.”